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Follow Your Dream, Day #465: No Surrender -- Extreme Close-Up

No Surrender is repeatedly cited by fans and Team Lord performers alike as one of their favorite numbers from Dangerous Games. It's a fun, high-octane celebration with the good guys; taking place deep in the second act, it's a celebration of the beauty and joy of Planet Ireland, reminding the audience what the good guys are fighting to protect as darkness arises all around them.

The process of adding, subtracting, and modifying numbers to the #LordOfTheDance setlist is done with extreme care. This is a dance drama; the narrative arc of the show has to be preserved, and you need a good balance of different moods and pacing to keep the momentum going. As Michael explained in the Gold documentary, you need to keep a balance of new content and still showcase the major moments that the audience loves. (If you went to see Led Zeppelin live, you'd expect to see Stairway to Heaven performed.)

In this context, No Surrender fits perfectly. It pulls off the feat of being a new number that inherently *feels* like Lord of the Dance. And in this video, we're giving it a new twist for you: we've taken the 2014 commercial video and intercut an extreme close-up camera angle from the front of the stage filmed in 2020!

Those of you who watch Dancelord TV livestreams have seen this; we streamed this footage *live* back in March during the Germany tour. There's an infectious joy in watching everyone having so much fun up on that stage, with featured performances from Matt Smith, Cathal Keaney, Alasdair Spencer, Declan Durning, Sean Michael McHugh, and Matthew Gillespie. The real surprise of this video is that you get to see Senior Dance Captain Zoltan Papp leading the good guys onstage; normally, you only get to see him in full armor as the Dark Lord, but here's a rare opportunity to see him on video cutting loose.

Six months ago, we were on tour in Germany. In less than three months, we're on tour again in Taiwan -- with Feet of Flames.

And 2021? You know what happens in 2021. Planet Ireland arises.


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