Follow Your Dream, Day #466: The Scale of Feet of Flames

Feet of Flames is a *massive* stage set. It has to be: to hold 90 dancers or more, the stage is so large that it could probably safely land a Harrier jump jet.

Now look at the size of this venue in Taiwan. See the small specks down onstage? Those are the dancers. *That* gives you an idea of the sheer scope of this experience.

This is important. It's easy to look at videos from the past, such as Hyde Park in 1998, and wonder if the glory days are in the past. They're not. Here we are, a quarter of a century after Michael Flatley invented the genre of commercial Irish dancing, and the demand for his shows and his art form atop #IrishDance is just as massive.

In 1993, had you met "Mike" the skinny construction worker in Los Angeles, you would have laughed if he had confided his dream to you: selling out arenas and stadiums with an obscure folk dance you'd never heard of.

Fast-forward just three years, and "Mike" had the hottest-show in the world: selling out arenas and stadiums with an obscure folk dance you'd never heard of.

*That's* the power of hard work and self-belief.

In the twenty-six years since Michael's art form was first unleashed upon the world, commercial #IrishDancing has exploded as a genre. The dance itself has evolved tremendously. Competition dancers today are performing movements that didn't exist a decade ago. The level of athletic fitness is Olympic. The commercial success Michael's shows have created -- the perpetual consumer demand for his art form, his choreography -- drives this industry forward.

And the epicenter for commercial Irish dancing? The billion-dollar dance show: #LordOfTheDance. Its turbocharged version, #FeetOfFlames, is about to be unleashed once more.

You want the biggest, loudest, craziest, explosion-packed, most hardcore dance event of all time? Here comes the flagship.

Feet of Flames. Taiwan. December 2020.

We didn't come here to finish second.


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