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Follow Your Dream, Day #473: Warlords -- the Supercut

If Lord of the Dance has a genesis moment, it's Warlords. A famous all-male a cappella #IrishDance number, Warlords was the very first number created by Michael Flatley for his billion-dollar dance show, #LordOfTheDance. Now you get to see every commercially-released version of it in one massive supercut!

Shortly after Michael parted ways with his first show, a dream came to him in which he heard the wild and unique hardshoe rhythm patterns that later became Warlords. He sat bolt upright in bed, threw his clothes on, and immediately got to work.

Team Lord OG Troupe dancer Michael Donnellan explains what happened next: "Flatley handpicked a bunch of us lads -- the best in the world at that time -- and said, 'How many of you were made fun of at school for dancing?' At first, one hand went up, then another, and another, and soon most of our hands were up."

"'We're going to change that,' Donnellan recalls Flatley saying, 'And we're going to change it *fast.* We're going to make the most masculine, hardcore, full-throttle, in-your-face Irish dance show the world has ever seen.'"

A prototype version of Warlords made its debut shortly thereafter on The Des O'Connor Show in late 1995. And, roughly half a year later, the full show exploded onto the stage at The Point in Dublin, 1996.

Warlords exemplifies Michael Flatley's art form atop Irish dancing. A no-frills martial number, Warlords has a timeless evergreen quality to it that makes everyone -- regardless of age, culture, or language -- stop and watch.

Starring Michael Flatley and James Keegan as the Lord of the Dance, this Warlords video is a statement: we didn't come here to finish second.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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