Follow Your Dream, Day #477: Title Belt

This is Cathal Keaney. He is the Lord of the Dance.

This is Cathal Keaney seconds before he leaps onto the stage for his opening solo in Cry of the Celts as the Lord of the Dance.

This is Cathal Keaney *focused.* The sum total of everything he's ever done -- everything he *is* -- coalesces into an experience all of us crave and few ever realize: truly living in the moment.

*Being* the moment.

Decades of training. Sacrifice. Sweat. Tears. And, yes: blood.

Right now, only a few people in the world can do what you do -- and they're *behind* you, backing you up. This is *your* moment. They *want* you to WIN. On the other side of that curtain, thousands -- perhaps tens of thousands -- of people want to experience that moment through you: the moment *you* bring to life. They want you to WIN.

*You* wear the title belt.

The audience didn't buy tickets to Sort Of The Dance. They came to see LORD of the Dance. The billion-dollar dance show that blows the roof off the building. This is the absolute apotheosis of commercial #IrishDance, and right now -- right NOW -- you are the most high-profile Irish dancer in the world.

And here, now, you're about to show them why.

The seconds elapse, but you're no longer even counting down. As your body begins to move, it's no longer you controlling it. You have become the dance. You're elsewhere. You're free. The dance is dancing you. And it's a feeling so profound that the audience actually *feels* it with you.

This is what it feels like to be the Lord of the Dance.

This is Cathal Keaney in the moment.

Feet of Flames Taiwan: December 2020.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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