Follow Your Dream, Day #479: Daire Nolan at Disney

This is a never-before-seen photo of OG Dark Lord Daire Nolan, courtesy of lead dancer emeritus Ciara Sexton. According to Ciara, Daire believes this photo was taken at Epcot during the show's run there.

At the turn of the millennium, #LordOfTheDance had *four* troupes around the world, including a five-year residency in Las Vegas and a residency at Epcot. If you search on YouTube, you can find some videos of the Epcot show, including ultra-cool footage of Cian Nolan performing the show's title role (Cian is, to our knowledge, one of the few performers in the show who's played both the good and evil leads).

These sorts of photos and videos are absolute *gold* today, because they help tell the story of the show through the people who lived it. Today in the age of social media we livestream backstage so that you can chat with us and go on tour from the comfort of your home, but back when this photo was taken, social media didn't exist. As a result, many of the stories from that era have never been told -- and we want to change that.

This is a direct appeal to all Team Lord alumni reading this: we want to celebrate your story. You've seen the Gogglebox-style commentary videos, the new interviews, the never-before-seen rehearsal footage; with next year being the 25th anniversary year of Lord of the Dance, we want to show as much of the tapestry of this show's amazing journey as we can. So many amazing photos, videos, and stories have emerged from the alumni who have already jumped in, and this ongoing production journal exists to document as much of the saga as possible. When you toured with the show, you *impacted* the lives of people all over the world; now it's your turn, a quarter of a century later, to be venerated for it.

We'll provide the spotlight. You provide the story.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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