Follow Your Dream, Day #488: Legends

Here's what makes Lord of the Dance so special: the people.

This isn't a generic, faceless show in some austere ivory tower. This show *celebrates* the performer, spotlights him or her, and proudly showcases the best #IrishDance professionals in the world. Lord of the Dance makes stars out of people; this is a billion-dollar dance show, and everyone involved is a top gun.

When you look at this photo, you *recognize* OG Troupe dancers Gillian Norris, Kerrie Connolly, and Denise Flynn from 1996. You've seen the videos and live performances so many times that their faces are instantly recognizable to you. The same is true for Aine Malone, Niamh Shevlin, and Lauren Clarke from the current troupe; you've seen these amazing dancers on video, onstage, and via livestream so many times that there's a level of familiarity in your mind now.

Think of the truly great legacy sports teams from any particular branch of athletics. You know their names, their numbers, what positions they play. You have an emotional *connection* to them. The same is true of Lord of the Dance; you have a connection to *Team* Lord, and at the end of the show, after you've seen hours of the most intense #IrishDancing imaginable, you're looking at us and we're looking at *you.*

You don't leave a Lord of the Dance performance saying, "That was a nice evening of theatre." You leave with a huge grin on your face, wide-eyed, your soul uplifted, saying, "Did you SEE that!?"

This matters, because dance steps are dance steps -- but it's the *dancer* that brings them to life. By spotlighting each individual performer, you're not just seeing someone dancing -- you're seeing *them* dancing. They put everything on the line for you every night, while your standing ovations give it all back -- and it is that exchange of positive high energy where the show shines.

Feet of Flames Taiwan: December 2020.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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