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Follow Your Dream, Day #490: Lord of the Dance -- PlayerCam with Pops

If you've ever wondered what it looks like onstage during a performance of the show's title number, Lord of the Dance, this is the video for you.

For a quarter of a century, commercial #IrishDance has always been filmed as a theatrical experience: you set up a bunch of cameras and film a stage performance. #LordOfTheDance, especially in its first two videos by David Mallet, took this to a new level by being cut like music videos instead of stage performances; while this ruffles some feathers from theatrical purists, the sheer sales volume tells the truth: Flatley-style #IrishDancing is a high-octane art form which should be captured audiovisually at the speed and intensity at which it is performed. Lord of the Dance is a *rock* concert, not an evening of polite theatre, and at the time of this writing is little more than fifty days away from another stadium tour. This show is big, loud, in your face, and accomplishes something practically unheard of: achieving the same sort of audience reaction from a dance show that you would normally only get at a major sporting event.

To really capture the energy of this experience, a year and a half ago we introduced cameras on the dancers themselves. If you watch football or extreme sports videos like what you would find on Red Bull TV, you've gotten used to PlayerCam concepts, and how visceral an experience it is to place a camera on the athletes themselves so that you can see the action as they experience it.

...So why not do the same thing with dance?

After all, professional Irish dancers are athletes -- a fact which is doubly true for Team Lord. To be a Team Lord dancer, you are the proverbial tip of the spear: the training, sacrifice and dedication required to achieve (and maintain) the sheer level of physical conditioning needed to *survive* touring in such a high-impact show is beyond what most people can comprehend. Hence why Team Lord dancers are so coveted throughout the industry, with other shows perennially trying to poach them: because they simply are the best of the best.

And the end result of all that training? A level of excitement like nothing you've ever seen before.

Now see it from the inside-out. This is Lord of the Dance onstage with "Pops" Connor Smyth.

Feet of Flames Taiwan: December 2020.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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