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Follow Your Dream, Day #492: Feet of Flames Arising

Exactly fifty days from now, what you see in this video is going to happen: #LordOfTheDance James Keegan ripping up the stage with Michael Flatley's legendary #FeetOfFlames solo. And right after that solo: an *army* of Irish dancers across multiple tiered risers bringing Planet Ireland to life.

In the last 24 hours we've seen stories pop up on social media from excited competition dancers who successfully auditioned and have been invited to join Team Lord. Congratulations and welcome to Michael Flatley's billion-dollar dance show! There are no additional hoops to jump through, like some dance academy you have to pay to get into in the hopes of earning a slot; Lord of the Dance is the most successful dance show of all time, powered by the dream team of the finest #IrishDance professionals on the planet, and the process of joining is as simple as it should be in show business: put in the years of work, nail the audition, and get invited to join the show.

We want to especially thank the Irish dance schools all over the globe which have invested the years and decades of training into these rising stars to make them the hottest crop of Irish dancers on the planet. Your students had a dream burning away inside them to make it to the top -- to get into a Michael Flatley show -- and you guided and nurtured them to the summit.

This is doubly true this year, as Ireland herself has gone into hardcore lockdown once again; dance schools are back to remote teaching, and students face the challenge of staying motivated when there is no feis to train for. We hope that Feet of Flames 2020 -- a full-blown stadium tour on the far side of the world -- serves as a motivational catalyst for every aspiring dancer out there: stay in school. Stay focused. The universe is testing you to see how badly you want your dream. Remember Michael's message: if you can visualize it, and you're willing to work for it, you can have anything in the world. Nothing is impossible.

The ranks of Team Lord grow, our veteran troupe bolstered by the hottest new talent in the world. This is no joke; this is for real. This is an #IrishDance stadium tour. Feet of Flames is a GO.


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