Follow Your Dream, Day #502: Autumn

We've received this photo with a message from Michael: "A lovely autumn walk at sweet Castlehyde with my son. I’m so blessed. He’s nearly as tall as myself."

Michael's story is the definition of being a living legend. Had you bumped into "Mike" in late 1993 or early 1994, you'd have met a skinny "uneducated" thirtysomething day laborer in Los Angeles with a quirky passion for an obscure cultural folk dance no one in the mainstream had ever heard of, but which he had devoted a quarter-century of his life to.

How many times, during those decades of impoverished toil in obscurity, was Michael tempted to give up? To take the easy way out? Today an entire generation has grown up with professional Irish dancing as a career option -- but it must be remembered that commercial #IrishDance as a genre exists *specifically* because of Michael's art form atop #IrishDancing and his unique gifts as a dramatist and choreographer as well as a dancer.

Today, Michael is the de facto Stan Lee of the Irish dance world -- and he's still hard at work.

Hence why Michael's message has remained the same from the beginning: if you have a dream, and you're willing to *work* for that dream, you can have anything you want. Nothing is impossible.


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