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Follow Your Dream, Day #508: Siamsa -- the Supercut

How about another #LordOfTheDance supercut -- this time, let's celebrate with Siamsa!

Siamsa is an interesting number. For starters, it's one of the few times in the show that you see the lads performing light dancing in reel shoes. It's also the only dance number in the show that doesn't feature any lead characters. Instead, you see group dancing progressing through a variety of formations across multiple changes in music.

Plot-wise, Siamsa is a reminder of what's worth fighting for. Planet Ireland is a vaguely medieval and magical Celtic fantasy world, and with Siamsa, we see the good people of Planet Ireland enjoying the beautiful world they inhabit. It is harmonious, joyous, and incredibly uplifting -- which is why it's such a fan favorite.

As the Dangerous Games iteration of the show is darker and more modern, Siamsa was replaced with No Surrender, a similarly-themed number which features male hardshoe dancing. (No Surrender is also preferred by the dancers themselves, as Siamsa is a pretty intense calf-burner.) As Lord of the Dance is a product which sells positive high energy, both Siamsa and No Surrender are emblematic of that ethos, and they really do represent their respective eras quite well: you look at Siamsa and instantly think, "That's classic Lord of the Dance." You look at No Surrender and instantly think, "That's modern Lord of the Dance" -- and *both* are fantastic to enjoy.

For this supercut, we've fused together four different Siamsa performances from the classic era: 1996, 1998, 2009, and 2011. Planet Ireland may be a world caught in a struggle between good and evil, but here we see and celebrate all that is good in it.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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