Follow Your Dream, Day #514: Achievement

People of the internet: please join us in congratulating Senior Dance Captain Zoltan Papp for becoming an officially certified fitness instructor!

We've written extensively about Zoltan's story because it really is *that* remarkable: cross-trained in multiple forms of dancing, Zoltan began training in #IrishDance in his twenties, successfully joining the original Celtic Tiger troupe in 2005 and performing in his hometown stadium.

Zoltan has *presence.* It is perhaps precisely *because* he, as a kid from Hungary, didn't come up through Irish dancing in the traditional way that he has done so much with it. When he became the Dark Lord in #LordOfTheDance, he turned the role inside out: jumping off the stage, interacting with the audience, fusing wild movements into the dance that no one had ever even thought of trying before, and bringing a level of self-immolation insanity to the role that frankly reinvented what the Dark Lord can do.

Let's put it this way: Michael Flatley refers to Zoltan simply as The Master.

Says pretty much all that needs to be said.

Zoltan also embodies Michael's ethos of *working* to achieve your goals. Zoltan doesn't do things in half measure. (We're fairly certain he could turn eating a bowl of cornflakes into an epic battle of life and death. With explosions.) And with the unexpected downtime brought on by the pandemic, Zoltan has focused himself on yet another achievement: becoming a fitness instructor.

Team Lord contains the finest Irish dancers in the world, and a major part of that success is the Olympic level of physical conditioning required to survive the rigors of touring life and several hours of show-level dancing per day. Zoltan, in his early forties, is the fitness specialist for Team Lord. He is stronger than you, faster than you, and can probably bench press your house.

Life will always throw obstacles at you. The truly great achievers are those who look at every challenge and make the choice to overcome it. Be like Zoltan.

Feet of Flames Taiwan: December 2020.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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