Follow Your Dream, Day #521: Getting Ready

Roughly 48 hours from the time of this writing, Team Lord will be flying from all over the world to Taiwan for a #FeetOfFlames #IrishDance stadium tour.

The general public will never know how much work took place behind the scenes to pull this off. The blizzard of paperwork: visas, work permits, quarantine restrictions, you name it. Pulling off a massive stadium tour with ninety performers and a huge crew is challenging under any circumstance; doing it in the middle of a global pandemic on a scale not seen for a century is downright Sisyphean. Many people behind the curtain in the organization have burned a planet's worth of midnight oil to make this work -- especially our tour manager, Peter Mersey, who *somehow* takes the impossible and makes it merely difficult.

The end result, however, is amazing: at a time when the arts have been dark for nine months, #LordOfTheDance is standing tall as a beacon to prove that it *can* be done.

For every competitive Irish dancer reading this who's had to go through nearly a year of remote learning with no feis on the horizon: stay focused. Go the distance. Many of you are probably being taught by alumni from Michael Flatley shows; your teachers, when they were kids, grew up in a world where there was *no* professional #IrishDancing. Today, that commercial outlet is there -- and some of your classmates may be newly-minted professional Irish dancers, going on their first tour of their lives as part of the biggest, most successful dance show in history.

No matter what you do in life, passion and dedication are required in equal measure to succeed. Think of them as the shoes on your feet; you can dance a lot better with both of them on than just one.

And after two weeks of quarantine in Taiwan, plus nine months of being pent up at home, Lord Of The Dance -- the billion-dollar flagship of the Irish dance world -- is going to explode upon that stage with all the force of a supernova. Planet Ireland lives once again.

Feet of Flames Taiwan: December 2020.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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