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Follow Your Dream, Day #526: Quarantine, Day 2

Good evening from Taiwan! Team Lord is currently embroiled in battle with the enemy of all touring companies: jet laaaaaaaag.

Your brain wakes up for breakfast in the middle of the afternoon. Your body wants to take an afternoon siesta right around dinner. And your internal clock's time zone is set to Mars in retrograde. For some reason, quarantine seems to exacerbate jet lag. With a dozen days left in quarantine, however, there's no doubt Team Lord will be fully acclimated by the time we safely emerge to begin rehearsals.

Day Two saw all of Team Lord jump on a group Zoom call together; as this is a #FeetOfFlames stadium tour, the troupe is more than double its normal size, meaning we have a lot of new faces on board with us. Some of them are new to #LordOfTheDance; others are brand-new to life as an #IrishDance professional entirely. Imagine going on your first tour as a newly-minted Irish dance pro: everything is new, everything is the first time -- and you're on a massive #FeetOfFlames stadium tour in the middle of a global pandemic, going into quarantine for two weeks by yourself!

These kids are tough as nails. And they'll have some very unique bragging rights in the world of #IrishDancing when they get home a month from now.

Two big things came out of the group call:

1.) Everyone is *really* excited to be here. The Irish dance world is basically shut down right now, and Lord of the Dance is one of the few shows of any kind that's out touring.
2.) There are a fair number of troupe members who are new to Team Lord but have worked elsewhere in the industry, and they all said the same thing: *this* show is the place to be.

That second point is an important one. This is Michael Flatley's billion-dollar dance show. It's his art form overlaid atop Irish dancing and staged as a rock concert. You've got loud music, big lights, explosions, heroes and villains, more explosions, gratuitously shirtless lads, even more explosions, and the most hardcore take-no-prisoners Irish dancing in the world with truly timeless rhythm patterns that have stood the test of time.

This is not Sort Of The Dance. This is LORD of the Dance. *This* is where the best come to shine and be celebrated.

Pandemic? Quarantine? Long hours? Bring it. Because, at the end, the stage awaits. The stadiums await. *You* await.

Today's quarantine video compilation comes from: Dance Captain Andrea Papp-Krén, lead violinist Giada Costenaro Cunningham, Nicole Kelly, Ellie-Mae Grace Wheeler, Lauren Clarke, and Conor Cleverley. Come take a peek inside our world!

Two days down. One dozen to go. We've got this.

Feet of Flames Taiwan: December 2020.


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