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Follow Your Dream, Day #527: Quarantine, Day 3

Good evening from Taiwan! As Team Lord progresses deeper into this mandatory two-week quarantine, we're starting to recover from the jet lag and build up a daily routine filled with activities. There was a group yoga session with Dance Captain Andrea, as well as the first of a series of livestreams with multiple members of the #LordOfTheDance troupe, allowing you to get to know them and ask them questions.

As the days progress, there are going to be group rehearsals of various numbers over Zoom; just as kids learning #IrishDance have to learn remotely via Zoom from their teachers right now, so too are we doing the same thing to drill together as a professional dance troupe.

Local press here in Taiwan is starting to air some videos we shot specifically for them to help promote #FeetOfFlames. The excitement is building. When you're isolated in a room, it can be difficult at times to remember there's still a world out there -- but very soon, Team Lord will emerge from quarantine, and a stadium tour awaits.

Our friends at Irish Dancing Magazine recently posted a graphic of young up-and-coming competition dancers who follow the "AS IF" mentality: namely, training as if they were getting ready for a feis or something equally high-stakes. This mentality is critically important. In this hotel, here on the far side of the world, are ninety of the best Irish dancers on the planet -- over half of which are new to Team Lord, and many of them new to professional #IrishDancing entirely. They had no idea, when they began 2020, that they would finish the year as pros; but they put in the work, trained as if, and *earned* the chance to star in Michael Flatley's biggest show.

Tonight's video compilation is provided by: Olivia Graydon, Giada Cunningham, Katie McClafferty, Kaitlyn O'Halloran Murphy, Ellie-Mae Wheeler, Ciara Loughran, Emily MacConnell, Aisling Sage, Lauren Clarke, Simon Polushkin, Ruthie Charles, Lynsey Smyth, Sarah Louise Dooley, and Megan Ramsay.

The hours tick by. The preparation continues. Opening night draws ever closer.

Feet of Flames Taiwan: December 2020.


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