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Follow Your Dream, Day #530: Quarantine Day #5 Recap -- with Dearbhla Lennon!

Good morning from Taiwan! We're beginning Day #6 of our quarantine, so here's a recap of Day #5 -- and, as promised, we have another member of the legendary 1996 OG Troupe with a greeting message: Dearbhla Lennon! Featuring some never-before-seen footage of Dearbhla performing the Wind-Up Doll sequence from #LordOfTheDance Celtic Dream, this is one you want to see.

Dearbhla, like several other OGs, has #IrishDance students who are in the current #FeetOfFlames 2020 Draft. It's important to remember that #IrishDancing is an ecosystem: training a dancer just to qualify for a professional show is an investment that often takes the better part of two decades. It's the combination of dedicated students and teachers which produce each successive wave of talent, some of whom pursue a path as professional dancers -- and in this genre, the top of the food chain is a Michael Flatley show. Some of those pro dancers, when they retire, go on to open schools of their own -- and the cycle continues.

Hence why this exact moment in time is so unique. The Irish dance world, since the new era began a quarter of a century ago with Michael Flatley creating the genre of the professional Irish dance show, has never been so tested as it is right now. Schools are closed, students learn remotely, there is no feis on the horizon, and there are no shows touring -- except us.

Lord of the Dance stands alone right now. Forget all the other selling points -- that this is a billion-dollar dance show seen by more than sixty-million people, that it's outsold tours by the Rolling Stones and U2, etc. -- the simple truth is that this is a massive stadium tour which right now is providing employment to a lot of people, and more importantly providing a beacon of hope that things *will* get better.

And just to get this tour off the ground, Team Lord has to do something literally unprecedented in professional Irish dancing: go through two weeks of hard quarantine, learning and drilling choreography in individual hotel rooms, maintaining emotional and psychological health as well as physical fitness under circumstances which have never been seen before and likely won't be seen again in our lifetimes.

This is why your support in the comments sections of our videos makes such a difference, and why we're grateful to the legendary OGs for pitching in to help keep everyone motivated. No matter where we are in the world, we're all in this one together.

Feet of Flames Taiwan: December 2020.


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