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Follow Your Dream, Day #532: Quarantine Day #7 Recap -- with Kerrie Connolly!

As of right now, #LordOfTheDance is now halfway through quarantine!

The days are faster now. Team Lord is drilling constantly: a mix of high-intensity workouts, dance choreography, yoga, and more. To manage a #FeetOfFlames mega-troupe under unprecedented circumstances such as these, the troupe has been split into smaller groups to learn remotely in individual hotel rooms via Zoom.

You can always tell when Team Lord is rehearsing in their hotel rooms; it's like being inside a laundromat with all the washer-dryers syncopated to tumble-dry. Modern Taiwanese structures are built to withstand earthquakes and typhoons, but ninety dancers pounding the building at the same time is a whole new level of seismic activity.

Our mystery OG for today is the magical Kerrie Connolly Mcateer, with a cameo from her daughter, Miss Olivia! To celebrate, we've included some never-before-seen footage of Kerrie performing Fiery Nights at Wembley in 1998. Kerrie, who hasn't aged a day in nearly 25 years, is still capable of throwing down the end-line steps to Lord of the Dance with military precision -- and her daughter, Olivia, is no slouch either!

There are three generations in this discussion: the OG Troupe represents the first generation of #IrishDance professionals -- handpicked from all over the world by Michael Flatley. The second generation, who's grown up with commercial #IrishDancing, is now coming of age and turning pro -- and the best from that generation are in this hotel right now, the only professionals in the world who are able to tour. And the third generation, growing up, waiting in the wings, looks to the icons who started the journey and the heroes who carry the flag up the hill today, knowing that their turn will come soon -- if they just stay in school and put in the work.

Today's video compilation comes from: Andrea Papp-Krén, Lauren Clarke, Maxine Spelman, Cyra Taylor, Ellie-Mae Grace Wheeler, Simon Polushkin, Ruth Charles, and Jean Kennedy.

December is here. #FeetOfFlames, long awaited, is almost here.


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