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Follow Your Dream, Day #536: Quarantine Day #11 Recap -- with Denise Flynn!

It's easy to lose track of time in quarantine. When your world is literally a hotel room, things start to blend together. Hence why it's so important to cultivate daily routines -- not just to make the time pass faster, but to provide a sense of rhythm to what is otherwise a highly unusual set of circumstances.

Fortunately, rhythm is something dancers have in abundance. The days are jampacked with workouts, learning choreography, and intense levels of drilling. While it's not ideal to rehearse alone in a hotel room, it's still *possible* -- and a small price to pay for the opportunity to be literally the only #IrishDance show in the world that's touring right now.

And on the far side of this quarantine? The adventure truly begins. *Stadiums* await. The biggest #IrishDancing show in the world, #FeetOfFlames, takes flight.

It *means* something when Feet of Flames is brought to life. The original Feet of Flames, in Hyde Park 1998, was an exclamation point on the wildest ride in the history of show business: a threadbare show with a bunch of rural kids that outsold huge acts such as U2 and The Rolling Stones. Feet of Flames, in 1998, was a statement: *this* is how you do it.

Over two decades later, that statement still stands. And that's what makes this tour so unique -- and such an opportunity. After nine months of global pandemic which has shut down so much of the world, #LordOfTheDance is again defying the odds and going to extraordinary lengths to tour. The best Irish dancers in the world are here for it. The 25th anniversary of the show is coming up next year, and there's a tremendous sense of *something* coming -- a reawakening, a gathering, generations past and present...

Which brings us to today's mystery OG: Denise Flynn. After we overhauled the show's social media 18 months ago in preparation for things to come, Denise was the first OG to jump in and lend her support. It's not an exaggeration to say that Dance For Hope II -- the jaw-dropping virtual reunion of the OG Troupe performing the show's title number, which uplifted so many people around the world -- would not have happened without her work behind the scenes as a catalyst. And today, she has some words of encouragement for Team Lord, as we enter the final 72 hours of quarantine.

Today's video footage is provided by: Andrea Papp-Krén, Lauren Clarke, Ruth Charles, and a brand-new dance video from Little Spirit Jessica Aquila Judge.

72 hours to go. Feet of Flames is almost here.


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