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Follow Your Dream, Day #543: The Impossible 72

#LordOfTheDance had an *amazing* opening night in Taichung, kicking off the #FeetOfFlames stadium tour of Taiwan.

It very nearly didn't happen. Less than an hour before showtime, it was raining hard in Taichung. For an outdoor event, rain is a real safety concern. Somebody up above was looking out for Team Lord, though; the rain stopped, and the show went on -- a show which had only had three days of group rehearsals.

The challenge is almost unbelievable. To go on tour with a troupe that's over fifty-percent new, after nine months of pandemic, two weeks of quarantine, and only three days of rehearsals, with only one day onstage itself? There's no way it should have worked. It's impossible.

If you know anything about Lord of the Dance, however, "impossible" becomes simply difficult.

Michael Flatley greeted the cast via Zoom right before showtime, reminding them that they are the All-Star Troupe. They have achieved the impossible. "*These* are the 'good old days,'" he told the troupe -- and he's exactly right. The men and women of Team Lord -- the only #IrishDance show touring anywhere in the world right now -- have earned some unique bragging rights which will realistically never be duplicated or surpassed.

To commemorate, here's a brief video we've put together that gives you a small peek into the whirlwind insanity of those last 72 hours before showtime. (Special thanks to Simon Polushkin for providing some of the footage.)

Feet of Flames Taiwan is underway. Covid THIS.


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