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Follow Your Dream, Day #548: Our Revels Now Are Ended

And then, it was finished.

This production journal entry is written only a few hours after the final performance of the #FeetOfFlames Impossible Tour here in Taiwan. As such, emotions may be a bit higher than normal.

It's hard to put into words the feelings that well up inside after a tour concludes. Finishing the last show is the biggest high you can imagine, followed by a very deep feeling of bittersweet loss. This is amplified tremendously by the pandemic; for the last month, Team Lord has lived in a bubble of hyper-compressed reality: a world in which mass gatherings can safely take place, in which we can tour again, in which the magic of Planet Ireland blissfully takes us away from the worries of real life for an all-too-brief time.

#LordOfTheDance came together to achieve the impossible -- and succeeded.

The Impossible Tour was something special. Things have *changed.* You feel it. So do we. A unique moment in history took place: for one astonishing month, the only professional Irish dancers on tour anywhere in the world were in Team Lord. You could tune in from anywhere on the planet and go on tour with us via our livestreams. The legendary Team Lord OG Troupe got involved. Michael Flatley himself sent wonderful messages of encouragement. Every #IrishDance school that had students in the Team Lord 2020 Draft was celebrated.

This is a seismic shift in how professional #IrishDancing is presented to you online, and it addresses a question at the core of the genre: is the show the star, or are the stars the show?

We firmly believe it's the latter. What makes a show work are the *people* who bring it to life. As such, rather than hide in some faceless ivory tower, we've brought you into the action as it happened and introduced you to as many troupe members as we could within the time we had, so that you could form an emotional connection with them. The brightest stars in the next generation of #IrishDance are here with Lord of the Dance, and we want you to know who they are.

Of course, the big question everyone's wondering now is, "What's next?"

To which we say: stay tuned. In two weeks from the time of this writing, it'll be 2021 -- the 25th anniversary year of Lord of the Dance. Who knows what that might bring?

But that's tomorrow. Tonight, let's celebrate the astonishing achievement that just unfolded in real time before your eyes. To commemorate, here's an excerpt from an onstage performance video at the Taipei Arena, filmed by troupe member Ryan Thomas Lalley, showing Victory from the point of view of the dancers onstage.

Thank you, Taiwan, for being such amazing hosts. We absolutely love Taiwan and can't wait to come back.

And thank you to every person reading this who tuned in to our tour content online. Stick around; there's *plenty* more to come, including some special surprises you just won't believe.

There are few things in life as enjoyable as completing a shared experience. Come onstage with us in this video and live the moment as we saw it.

To quote the Bard: "We are such stuff as dreams are made on."


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