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Follow Your Dream, Day #552: Lauren Clarke's Impossible Tour

Those of you who followed #LordOfTheDance's quarantine videos know that Lauren Clarke provided some of the best POV footage during The Impossible Tour. As part of the social media overhaul which began 18 months ago, we encourage Team Lord troupe members to tell their story in their own words, pictures, and videos; the #IrishDance pros who tour with Team Lord are the best in the world, having worked nearly their entire lives to reach the pinnacle of the industry, and we want them to share with you their experiences as they saw them.

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, we're in the age of social media; traditional monolithic corporate media communication simply doesn't cut it any longer.

Second, we want to inspire the next generation of Irish dancers, especially during these dark days of lockdowns, quarantines, and remote learning; endless training in self isolation can be difficult when there's no feis or show on the horizon, so it can be quite powerful to see the emotional payoff of your older peers touring the world and having a blast.

Third and finally, this gets to a philosophical argument at the heart of the commercial #IrishDancing world: is the show the star, or are the stars the show?

Lord of the Dance firmly believes it's the latter. The show's very title espouses this ethos: that when you buy a ticket to see Michael Flatley's billion-dollar dance show, you're buying an *experience* -- the best Irish dancers in the world performing Michael's art form overlaid atop Irish dancing. Thus, it stands to reason that you'd want to know who these people *are* on that stage, in the same way that you'd form an emotional connection to the stars of your favorite football team.

It is the *people* who are the beating heart of the Lord of the Dance experience -- from the legendary Michael Flatley himself to every single dancer, musician, singer, and crewman who has ever toured with the show in its nearly-25-year history -- and thus we choose to spotlight them.

This, then, is Lauren Clarke's Impossible Tour.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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