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Follow Your Dream, Day #554: Touring Life

Life on tour is a hyper-compressed bubble: you spend every waking moment with the same group of people, your days and nights filled with timetables of activities. It's life at warp speed, and it's an experience like none other.

This was doubly true of The Impossible Tour, the #FeetOfFlames stadium tour in Taiwan that just concluded. Having been inactive for nine months, and then spending the first two weeks of the tour in isolated quarantine, the tour itself -- rehearsals, drills, workouts, performances, travel, and the rare moments of downtime -- was like drinking from a fire hose for Team Lord.

It was *fun.*

And here's the ultimate litmus test: were to ask any member of Team Lord if they would be up for doing it again -- right now, bags packed, off to another country -- they'd be up for it in a heartbeat. Because the *experience* of being on tour and performing is almost indescribable.

This is why we've taken to showcasing as much of the tour experience as possible, both via backstage livestreaming and on-the-road videos. The stage show is the beating heart of the story, because that's the product that people pay to see, but there's also the larger meta-story of the company on tour -- and *that's* what we're bringing to you now, so that you can form the same sort of emotional connections to today's All-Star Troupe that you have for some of the legendary troupes of the past. Today's video is sourced from footage provided by Team Lord dancers Aine Malone and Ciara Loughran, and we hope it gives you a fun glimpse into the *fun* of being part of Lord of the Dance.

A new generation has arisen to take up the Team Lord flag, and as we get ready to enter 2021 -- the 25th anniversary year of Lord of the Dance -- it's a golden time to discover (or rediscover) the magic.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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