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Follow Your Dream, Day #560: Niamh Shevlin's Impossible Tour

Niamh Shevlin is one of the most electrifying female #IrishDance professionals in the world. One half of The Shevlin Twins, she became a lead dancer in the summer of 2019, performing the role of Saoirse in #LordOfTheDance for the first time. For those of you who were watching our Dancelord TV livestreams back then, you saw her make her debut as a lead during one of our backstage livestreams -- and in the year and a half since then, she has only grown into the role that much more, making it her own.

If you had to sum up Niamh in a single word, it would be "fearless". She's a remarkable fit for the role of Saoirse: elegant and poised, warm and friendly, and unbelievably talented when it's time to throw down with some top-notch #IrishDancing. When asked during a livestream who had the fastest feet in the troupe, she simply responded, "Have you seen *me* dance?"

Over one-hundred people participated in The Impossible Tour -- the #FeetOfFlames stadium tour in Taiwan which, against all the odds, was a roaring success. Each person went through the same tour, and yet each person had their own individual experience on that tour -- light light shined through a prism, by breaking it into its individual hues we gain a greater appreciation for the whole.

2020 was an unbelievably challenging year for the entire #IrishDance industry, and indeed the arts in general -- but Team Lord finished it with a (literal) bang. Now that we're several days removed from The Impossible Tour's conclusion, and with the year about to end, it's somewhat wistful to look back at that unbelievable adventure on the far side of the world.

But remember: this isn't the end of the story.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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