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Follow Your Dream, Day #565: Feet of Flames -- Cry of the Celts First-Person View

Ever wondered what it must look and feel like to be onstage during the show's opening number, Cry of the Celts?

Now you can see it for yourself. During the #FeetOfFlames Impossible Tour, we put a #GoPro on #TeamLord dancer Conor Rodgers for Cry of the Celts, known internally to the troupe as Run On. If you were watching our backstage livestreams, you saw the GoPro being put on multiple dancers during various performances, to try to capture as much of the Impossible Tour's onstage action as we could; now that the tour is concluded, we're starting to bring that footage to you.

No other dance show -- and possibly no other stage show, period -- does this. It's only #LordOfTheDance that puts cameras directly onto the performers as they go out onstage. (Offhand the closest example we can think of: a few years ago, Peter Gabriel mounted a small camera on his bicycle during a theater-in-the-round concert. But we take it one step further by placing the camera *directly* on the performer.) This is a completely new way of seeing professional #IrishDancing, because you're seeing it exactly the way the dancer sees it.

This is especially exciting because while we've seen onstage GoPro performance footage from the Dangerous Games stage set over the last year and a half, this is the first time we've been able to show you onstage footage from the Feet of Flames stage set. And isn't it interesting to study the contrast? The FOF stage set is very old school -- there are no big screens, lots of exposed scaffolding, etc. -- and it gives the show a remarkably "classic" feel. Seeing as we're now beginning the 25th anniversary year of the show, with the nostalgia appetite at its peak, there's something oddly apropos about that.

If you've ever wondered what it must be like to perform #IrishDance to a stadium, this is a wonderful glimpse into our world.


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