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Follow Your Dream, Day #575: Duet

In 1998, The Late Late Show ran a tribute episode to Michael Flatley. We highly encourage watching it if you haven't seen it. One special moment came when Michael reunited with the Chieftains and performed a flute duet with the legendary Matt Molloy.

As Michael discusses in the Gold video from the turn of the millennium, his touring career with the Chieftains was a wonderful time for him, allowing him to grow and experiment as a dancer in front of live audiences all over the world, shaping his art form into what is today the backbone of commercial #IrishDance.

Remember: by the time Eurovision hit, Michael had already been dancing for a quarter of a century. What people saw in 1994 didn't just come from nowhere: it came from decades of hard work in relative obscurity as the world's only professional Irish dancer. When people think of commercial #IrishDancing, what they're really picturing is Michael's explosive art form overlaid atop traditional Irish dance.

But it's more than "just" dancing Michael should be known for. His gift as a choreographer is unquestionable. As a dramatist, he literally invented the genre of the commercial Irish dance show and is one of *very* few people who can legitimately lay claim to having created a billion-dollar IP. And, it must be said: he is an astonishing self-taught flautist.

We hope you enjoy, then, this wonderful flute duet between Michael and Matt Molloy.


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