Follow Your Dream, Day #576: Lineup

The millimeter-precision that is a hallmark of every Michael Flatley #IrishDance show doesn't happen overnight -- except on the #FeetOfFlames Impossible Tour.

If you had to guess, how much time would you believe it normally takes to rehearse a #LordOfTheDance troupe? Now scale that troupe up to 90 performers -- half of which are new -- and put everyone on ice for nine months. Now recalculate.

Weeks of rehearsal? Months?

Team Lord had less than 72 *hours.*

And, keep in mind: all of it was being documented, with much of it livestreamed as it happened.

This was a recipe for disaster. But it's amazing what people can achieve when they *believe.* No one told these kids that what they were doing was impossible, so they went out and achieved the impossible.

To every Irish dancer sitting at home right now, struggling to stay motivated with no feis on the horizon, no shows on the road: stay *focused.* The dancers who were selected to join Team Lord for the Feet of Flames Impossible Tour had no idea, when they started 2020, that they'd finish it with a stadium tour on the far side of the world. But they kept training, and they were ready when the bell rang.

"Luck" is when opportunity meets preparation. Keep the preparation going -- because the opportunities are coming.


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