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Everyone has its own Bucket List of wishes and dreams. Some you may cross out faster then others, some - sadly - may remain unmarked. I remember being a wee lass, somewhere between 5th and 8th grade, watching Michael Flatley - Lord of the Dance on a recording on a VHS tape. He looked positively like an angel, jumping and taping with a speed I never would have imagined possible for a human being! Immediately after the Riverdance split, Flatley decided to create his own show, Lord of the Dance, and he faced a lot of hardship - people believed he would not make it through, that people would not be interested in such a show... they could not have been more wrong!
I don't know what attracted me more, at that young age (in the early 90's) where we were not yet the influence of sex being thrown around as it is nowdays... For sure it was the music, that I was truly in love with already - I am and always have been a huge Irish/Celtic music music fan - but it was also the magnetism that he was able to transmit even through a recording, through the thick screen of the old-school TVs. He was magical, semi-curly long blond hair, legs effortesly doing things you could never imagine, at a speed that up to this point (I believe!) has not been paralleled. The Lord of the Dance taught me that the fight between Evil and Good will always have The Good win - and that there will always be a wicked little fairy that will bring the Good in things and sing the sweetest songs. It also taught me that the Evil may be alluring and seductive yet it is not the way to go. It taught me that tin whistles sound like magic combined with fairy dust and hapiness & that the ladies playing the violin will always make me cry tears of joy.
Last night, in Poland (Krakow - Tauron Arena), I was able to see live the show for the first time. No Michael Flatley, of course, but it was a dream come true! I absolutely loved every moment and I did not want the night to end! From the wee lass in the 90s in Romania, I moved to Poland and I managed to see you! I am so glad you still take this tour everywhere in the world!
Forever a fan!
The Twisted Red LadyBug

Anda Alexandra R. (The Twisted Red LadyBug)

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