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Helly everybody – I wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a good step into the New Year 2017 and would like to greet you with a little parable:
Let me tell the story of Lil Stickman, living in a tiny world on a sheet of paper, exactly fitting to her and surrounded by a roundabout closed square. She only knows the two dimensions of the paper and because of her two-dimensional nature cannot cross the boundary of the square.
She had no clue that there might be something outside of the square. But then something happened to her that literally turned upside down for her.
When she was walking around she had a sudden experience that had no logics. A strangely round object that had not been there before rolled across her tiny world entering the boundary
at one side and left it at the other side, although - we know that - the boundary is closed roundabout.
Lil sat down and did speculate how that was possible but could not come to a reasonable result. She had never seen such a perfectly round object before. While she still was in
thought, the experience was topped by an even much more exciting event. Suddenly a huge object appeared out of nowhere and began to write: “Hello Lil”
Petrified with astonishment she was totally amazed about the miraculous things happening and confused because actually she was convinced that the world is two-dimensional and that
nothing exists beyond it.
Let’s zoom out of the situation a bit and see more of the reality. We are in our threedimensional world, sitting at the desk, reflecting about the reality of our world we live in and if there exists more beyond of the horizon our human mind can understand, while playing with a marble, we just have flipped across the table.
Then, in a sudden insight, we have written something on a sheet of paper - next to a little stickman.
Let’s zoom out even more, leaving the parable and allow the view on a much bigger reality, our three-dimensional world is just a very tiny part of.
However, God is not lost in thought playing with a marble - He knows all the reality, He sees, knows and loves everybody of us deeply. And He has given Himself to us, this is what His
Son Jesus Christ is, a form of appearance of Himself. Isn’t that amazing!
Let’s celebrate Christmas, His coming into this world as a man in sight of Good Friday and Easter, His death in place of us and His rising from the dead”
(by Eva Schwarz)
“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal live.”
(John 3 verse 16 the Bible)

Eva Schwarz

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