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It has been too long to remember exactly when I "stumbled upon" LOTD. I saw it the first time on our local state university's channel (Television Universitaria, I'm from La Paz, Bolivia BTW) And it sort of changed my life, and my soul. Made me want to know whatever i could about Ireland, it is still one of my most cherished dreams to visit. If and when I can...
It used to be too difficult to get original CDs, or then VHS tapes, that were so unique, for what is common here at least. Forget about now!! It is Pirate Land, it is practically impossible to find originals, unless ordering them specially and that is an arm + a leg aside from the basic cost!
Sooo i managed to get a not-so-over-the-table "bootleg" from a guy who worked at that TV channel... months later after saving penny after penny i got an original CD. A treasure until this day!
Years later, 11 years ago almost... i got to see a troupe of LOTD in Seattle!!! at the Paramount... (lived there for 11 years. came back to Bolivia almost 3 years ago)
It is so sad that in my corner of the world your kind of numbers do not come at all... Art is not greatly spread. But there are some groups who try hard to promote the arts. Small venues and events usually can sell tickets to family and friends of performers...
My niece is one of those, she started dancing ballet and then contemporary dance very early on and dedicated her life to it. Now through online classes (Covid19... What else is there for the moment) she is in her 2nd year of it in a University in Chile
I would love it if she had classes to at least learn some basics of your dance, having to start young and all that. So i could live vicariously! At least on that... O well...
And speaking of,.. The place where she learned, it's called "CAP Danza" organizes big numbers every year (maybe not this 2020) and i was wondering if there would be any possibility of your allowing if we used the music from LOTD for a mix of ballet and contemporary? since Irish Dance, your freer styles or traditional are not taught here?
If possible it could have the spirit of Irish Dancing with another twist? Iwould love for it to inspire another (newer) generation of Bolivian dancers. And maybe, just maybe some who can, would travel elsewhere where it is taught?

Erika Salvatierra

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